Saturday, July 5, 2008

From THE GULF WAR: "Dry Land Drowning" by Jamie Phillips

" Dry Land Drowning" by Jamie Phillips is an incredible and compassionate story about his Gulf War experience published in The Gulf War: Many Perspectives from 1992. Special thanks to David Rovics for use of his stunning, compassionate song, The Firefighter. The Gulf War: Many Perspectives anthology edited by Belinda Subraman ISBN: 0-935839-13-5 1992, perfect bound, glossy three-tone cover, 164 pages, (out of print) A collection of stories, essays, journals entries, letter excerpts and poetry sharing true experiences of the Gulf War, minus media hype and political propaganda. "Again and again, the selections return to the theme of making the war real, of finding an angle that reveals the horrid effects of war in specific human lives." --Jim Sullivan, Coal city Review "…gives us a rare, honest and uncompromising look at the true, agonizing history and devastating personal consequences of our most recent war." --Edward Tick, The Arkansas Quarterly "I appreciate your thoughtfulness." --Joan Rivers

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Monique said...

It sound indeed an interesting read.

I looked at your counter in amazement. Such cost!!

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