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The Future Is Happy, by Sarah Sarai, BlazeVOX, ISBN: 9781935402350, 83 pages, 2009

About the book:
"While I write this, / a lucky few grow into new humanness." The Future Is Happy is about that humanness. The discovery is personal, global and of the spirit. Every poem is a presentation of the business and process of the now, how to be one of the "fleshy ladies, joyous despite / bellies, bulges, striations life makes." ("Six, Seven Strawberries") References are spun from mythology, philosophy, literature and "Miss Piggy Bubblebath."

About the author:
Sarah Sarai is an unsymmetrical woman with a symmetrical she. Poems from this collection were first published in reviews including Threepenny Review, Minnesota Review, Mississippi Review, Eleven Eleven and Fifth Wednesday. She lives in New York City, though also claims L.A. and Seattle as home.


When he lumbered in the way of men
who use their hands to till earth,
he knocked a rough doorway
and sobbed for unfairness and
the slaying. Dull, trembling,
he threw on three pelts against
a desert night, and feared heaven’s
white stars. We’ve all killed our brother.

The dead roam through us.
We toss beneath old gods’ blazing navigation.
Cain? It’s morning. He bites a sweet seedy fig

Outside the Ritz-Carlton

Pine bowers and electric stars
strung on the canopy over-top
three blonde bouffants of scrappy
imperfection with locks straying
like deft housecats into heated
territory familiar and claimed.
Three high-heeled pair of black
boots and as a yellow cab glides
to a perfect stop, three cigarettes
smashed until their fanned glow
is hypothetical as any after-life,
including reincarnation which
aligns with a felt logic of follies
we blindly interpret as suffering.

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