Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MARY JANE GO ROUND by Ginnetta Correli

"Mary Jane Go Round is based on a character from the novel called: The Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli. The book is about the emotional victims and perpetrators of life. Most of my writing I feel can become anybody’s fictional life told in reverse. As the tragedy of any persons life becomes more clear in my mind I want others to see it through photography, video and music.

For me art is a daily process. I want my work to connect to whatever my goal is at the time. The goal for now is for the movie to never end. Bad or good."

Bio: Some of Ginnetta Correli's work can be found in print and online. She's been published in Ink Sweat and Tears, Diet Soap, The Bannister Review, Sein Und Werden, Poesy Planet, Insolent Rudder, Bicycle Review and Omega 7. Ginnetta Correli is also the author of a the depressing novel called: The Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli and just released an album about the novel called: Nurse Lucy. Presently, Ginnetta is making films.


Jose Jaime said...

Un saludo y un big hug desde España.

Me gusta la entrada.
Un universo paralelo lo de esta creadora.


Belinda Subraman Presents / Gypsy Art Show said...

Hi Pepo, nice to hear from you!

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