Monday, November 23, 2009

GAS Original Poetry and Music Variety Show

Original poetry and music from around the world this time featuring Jim Clark, Dee Sunshine, Tom Bradley, Tree Riesener, David Seddon, City of Statues, Linda Benninghoff, Swapan Basu, Shanti Perez and Casey Mensing. Photo by Aad de Gids.

The show is located here

I will review 3-5 minute mp3 submissions or original poetry, music or songs on an ongoing basis. Please announce the name of your poem/piece and YOUR Name at he beginning of your submission. If you have collaborators, announce them too. Send high quality mp3s to

Monday, November 16, 2009

Milspeak: Warriors, Veterans, Family and Friends Writing the Military Experience

Editor Sally Drumm, a retired Marine and president of Milspeak Foundation, developed Milspeak Seminars because she recognized the value of narrative as a stress management tool for military people. She is a former editor of Apostrophe: USCB Journal of the Arts. Her memoir, essay, fiction and drama have been well received within the U.S. publishing community.

Order book from Press53

Each of MILSPEAK’s selections is a carefully crafted reminiscence, the telling of a particularly eventful moment in a military life and created by military people who learned to share their stories through Milspeak Creative Writing Seminars. Also included are poetry, essay, and memoir by Michael Kobre, Dinty W. Moore, Richard Peabody, Rebecca McClanahan and others who assisted in developing the seminars or mentoring Milspeak Writers. This anthology is designed to resonate with military people seeking to heal from wounds of war and to help civilians understand military life. Visit MILSPEAK for more information.


Helen Losse is the author of Better With Friends (Rank Stranger Press, 2009) and two poetry chapbooks, Gathering the Broken Pieces, available from FootHills Publishing, and Paper Snowflakes, published by Southern Hum Press, and the Poetry Editor of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Better With Friends is a book of poetry that explores the intersections of memory (factual and embellished), dreams (daydreams and night dreams), reverie, and prayer, so that all of one’s thoughts can be envisioned as prayer. Although the book has strong spiritual overtones, it is not a religious book nor a book of poetic devotions.

Better With Friends is also available from AMAZON.

To Be

A house is visible behind the right of way.
I hate that house, and sometimes, when it
disappears in the fog, pretend it isn’t there.

I sit in my chair and look into the yard.
I imagine I belong. But this morning
after the yard was white with snow—

later when the brown grass emerged from its
hiding like a flag newly un-furled—
the house snickered. “Over here,” it called,

waving and fluttering its shutters,
hoping for eye contact like our patulous neighbor
with her other seasonal and too-tight pants.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Art of Pamela Gaard

Born in Minneapolis, MN, in 1955, Pamela Gaard writes:

"I examine the anxieties and exigencies of everyday life. My work invites a sustained gaze, like an icon or altar piece – and, conversely, can be read quickly, like a road sign. The portraits are made from life in 2 hour sittings. They are intended, in the words of Arthur Danto, as ‘emblems through which we confer honor by preserving the likenesses of those portrayed . . . which can be channels for adoration.’ My small paintings are influenced by an alchemy of memories, fantasies, superstitions, obsessions, beliefs, and fears. The pleasure for me in making art is partly pure invention, and partly a way to remember and re-remember events from the past.”

"The color tips you off this is an artist who searches for the mystical through whatever passes by, and the respect for otherness makes her portraits seem alive." Manny Bag Artpolice News Services

Portrait of Avrom, 2008, Mixed media on canvas, 20” x 16” (top)
Portrait of Catherine, 2009, Acrylic on paper, 30” x 23” (left)
Portrait of Lu, 2008, Acrylic on paper, 30” x 23” (right)

Visit Pamela's web site.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

VITAL FLUID by Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley presently collaborating on a graphic ekphrasis in verse and an illustrated novel with artists David Aronson and Nick Patterson respectively, both to be published by Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink, and a nonfiction flip book with Deb Hoag for Unlikely Books. Further curiosity can be indulged at Tom Bradley and Wikipedia.


A pair of rival hypnotists stage an increasingly bizarre series of shows across America, mesmerizing teenagers in an Indian Reservation, a Mormon polygamist's military academy and a Columbine-like high school. This wizard war climaxes at an East L.A. ghetto community center full of gang-bangers. Things get so far out of hand that mercenaries from the Department of Homeland Security must be called in.
Published by Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink

Excerpt from VITAL FLUID:

It's the wee hours, and Phil is driving his dad home. Professor Percival sits in the death seat, withering into himself with despair till he looks no bigger than Shit-Heel, who remains parasitically fastened onto the old man's lap, hissing Chopin’s Funeral March into his ear.

They enter a run-down Las Vegas neighborhood, a zone of vacant lots and abandoned mob cars. The whole block's on the verge of being reclaimed by the desert. Mailboxes along the street indicate the physical presence of washed-up stage entertainers, show-biz dinosaurs who still cling to something resembling life. One mailbox has a clown face painted on it.

Parked in a lean-to carport is a shitty old jalopy, its back seat stuffed with a magician's stage props. The words VLADIMIR THE ESCAPE ARTIST are scrawled on the side. Vladimir himself stands at his rotting bungalow's front door, having forgotten or lost his house key. He ponders his feet and weeps.

The professor looks up from his own pit of despair just long enough to say, "That putz couldn't conjure his way into a clip joint."

Phil’s car passes the Star Dust Talent Agency, located in a shabby office on top of a boarded-up liquor store.

"Are you going to drop in on our so-called agent while you’re in town?" asks Shit-Heel.

"Why? Just in case he’s found some rich and powerful movers and shakers who want to be hypnotized? I doubt Mo Katz has a time machine in there."

The car pulls into a raunchy trailer park.

* * * *
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