Monday, April 26, 2010

Cartographies of Silence by Erik Vatne

Erik Vatne was born in New Jersey. He holds degrees from Bard College and Trinity College Dublin. His poems have appeared in many print and online journals, including The Paris Review, Barrow Street, Brooklyn Review and Poetry Ireland Review. In 2007 he was shortlisted for the Strokestown International Poetry Prize (Ireland). He continues the ongoing project of renovating his poetry house. He can be contacted at his WEBSITE.

Cartographies of Silence comprises over one hundred untitled, poem-fragments – what the poet calls ‘unconscious interruptions’ –

that navigate maps of being/non-being, writing/speaking/thinking and reveal the mind-body experience where silence meets language.

voice of dark stone

in her pocket

at the bottom of the song

the muddy river flows

in the opposite direction

of a door is knocked on

by a boy who enters


whatever the day calls for

flecks of mica
washed away in a summer rain

ginger root


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