Friday, April 16, 2010

Lucid Play

Tantra Bensko teaches Experimental Fiction Writing through UCLA Extension and Writers College. She is the author of Watching the Windows Sleep, which is short stories that exemplify the genre she promotes, called Lucid Fiction. She has over 200 writing publications, including a book called Tantric Metaportals, which also incorporates her art, plus instruction on ancient techniques to do while gazing at it, and exploring concepts. The fiction and non-fiction books both take people into altered states of awareness, expanding the sense of self. Lucid Fiction doesn't necessarily limit characters to their ordinary portrayal, but can look at their whole selves, all levels of frequency, past and parallel lives, the flow of consciousness interconnecting.

She is running the FlameFlower Experimental Writing Contest, and maintains the Experimental Writing resource website, and preparing a Lucid Fiction anthology with Peter Moon, David Anderson, Eve Lorgen, and others, including writers from Bulgaria and Romania.

Tantra conducts LucidPlay hynpnotherapy and other sessions which use breath, movement, sound, and arts to inhabit the whole self, and share the perception with others. She also has used hypnotherapy to look into past lives, release entities, enhance creativity, and much more. Her aura viewing, and energy work abilities can combine with the process for a full transformative experience.

She has a DVD set called Tantric Lucidity, and one called Interpersonal Dynamics of the Aura. She loves absurd, ridiculous play, making movies, and recording music as a member of The Ruby Fire Household Orchestra. She is currently living in rural Alabama.

Lucid Play website
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