Monday, June 7, 2010

John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future by Matthew Glen Ward

What does a middle-aged Australian man know about John F. Kennedy, his Camelot years, the Democrats, Republicans, the Addams Family, and American Gothic? Only what he read about, or watched on TV - and that was a lot! Matthew Glenn Ward always had a fantasy about saving Jack Kennedy's life and now with this book he has his chance - and you the reader can come along for the ride. 'John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future!' is a collection of short, mostly satirical stories that take real life, and twist it 'til it leaks 'funny'. We have JFK as time traveler, Elizabethan poet John Donne as serial killer, a ghoul shotgun wedding, an unemployed cat, rivers getting married, old men taking revenge on young hoods, cheapskate heart attack victims, chocolate iPhones, plenty of booze, some drugs, gambling, stories that just make no sense plotwise, and a bit of love too. Influenced by such great writers as Jack Kerouac, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Monty Python and The Goons, 'John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future!' is a book by an Australian that Americans will devour.

Matt Ward is also a Website designer / graphic artist and owner of: Mockfrog Design.
He is the publisher / editor / designer of Mary Celeste Press, and Skive Magazine Press
His previous books include
Cats Creep the Fire to Art (poetry, 2008)
Her Mouth Looks Like a Cat's Bum (short stories, 2006)
Jake With a Snarly Smile on His Chops (novella, 2004

Matthew Glen Ward lives in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
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