Friday, June 25, 2010

Photography by Chuck Taylor

Chuck writes:

Photography gets me out of my head and focusing on the world outside. It is also less full of ideas than writing is. I really dig shapes, colors, shadows, buildings, clouds, flowers, forests, lakes, and other people in moment of surprise and happiness.

I do like ideas. I tend to devour them like I imagine T. Rex devoured smaller animals, but like a former US representative said, "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got them." I'm an anti-intellectual intellectual. When I lived in El Paso, to detox from the stress of teaching, I would wander the neighborhoods taking pictures of the shadows cast by telephone and light poles. It was rather obsessive, I suppose.

I have stuck photography a long time, finding room somewhere everywhere I've lived for a BW darkroom.. I enjoy seeing my photography in literary magazines, and selling them at book fairs. I still like writing. My last book of poems remains Li Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon, published by Pecan Grove Press. I continue to teach creative writing at Texas A&M where I have now worked twenty-one years. I have three children; Will, James, and Lisa; and three former stepchildren: Morgan, Chico, and Brook.

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Chuck Taylor, Poet said...

It's pretty hard to leave a comment here. Too much security. But thanks, my friend, for doing this. I like seeing my own photographs.

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