Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Poems by Catfish McDaris

Ask Nicely Quasimodo

While sight seeing in
Notre Dame Cathedral
I wore a baseball cap

A Frenchman jabbed
a finger hard in my back

I grabbed his fingers
& bent them until
he was on his knees

He hissed, you have to
remove your cap & I did
& replied

You should pray while
you're down there.

Parisian Art Is Everywhere

After touring the Spaniard,
Picasso's museum in Paris

I noticed a well dressed
woman & her dainty dog

We had left simultaneously
the dog started defecating

The crowd walking behind
tried to avoid the mess

The tiny pooch kept painting
the sidewalk, the lady was
dragging the poor animal

After six blocks of steaming
slime I started seeing Pablo's
work, the damn dog was
an artist.


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