Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

Experimental music/words/art

Ralf “GYPSY” Bevis (England)

“Have been an artist for as long as I can remember. As a youth it was drawing and painting. As a adolescent it was writing, progressed into music, which it is still now, though. Sculptors use all kinds of material to sculpt, stone, clay, marble, I consider myself an audio sculptor, I use sound... Grew up in Germany, England and Africa. Moved back to England in 1979. Lived in Brighton for the first few years, where I played in various bands, avant garde/punk/rock/rubbish type material, Performed in clubs and seafront pubs, for free drinks and a laugh. From Brighton, I went to Salisbury where i stayed with the peace convoy on green lane, was there for the 1984 Stonehenge concert, film of that is on youtube. .After Salisbury went back to Brighton for a short while but soon moved to London, lived all over London, Earls court, Finsbury Park, Brixton, Played in various bands in and around London, though most of the time was spent in the West End clubs, Sound & Vision and Alice in Wonderland, being our main haunts, from what I can remember we had a great time. While in London I ran an independent label called Rodent Tapes, dealing in home recorded and small independent studio produced material.”


Born Folkestone Kent 1948, lived in Canada for the last 40something years. Started as a drummer in local bands in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in 1967, started to pick up guitar seriously in 1970. Played in various psychedelic outfits (notably a band called Oberon, which was the forerunner of another band called The Melodic Energy Commission (which at times included Paul Rudolf of Pink Faeries and Del Dettmar of Hawkwind) Moved to Ontario Canada and played in lots of bands, New Wave, Punk, Psych/Jam and ( Experimental at University of Waterloo's Independent Studies Program.) Became part of The AMBiENT PiNG community in Toronto, and have played pretty regularly at venues in Toronto associated with the PiNG. Lots of collabs, notably with Anne Sulikowski (Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks) and others. Solo project (recently expanded to a trio) The Devil In The Design ( HAROLD (psyche/jam band) and Moon Dandies with my wife Catherine Tammaro and Jeff Howard (also in TDITD and HAROLD)


is a poet, writer, filmmaker, podcaster, artist, traveler and Registered Nurse. Working on a novel. Latest poetry book is BLUE ROOMS, BLACK HOLES, WHITE LIGHTS.




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