Friday, December 10, 2010

The Art of Sylvia Pekarek

They call me the "The Lyrical Fine Artist" because I often write poems and stories, to accompany the artwork I create. I aspire my art work to be spontaneous, momentous and dynamic, infused with the passion I have for life. I like to use mix media to bring forth the complexity of life's profound moments. I believe this helps bring depth into my work. At times I may start a painting, or sketch and then capture it into my computer to enhance it digitally. I am part of the "digital generation," it swims in my veins. I am like the pianist who uses the piano, to create music. I play the computer like an instrument and let the creativity flow as I work. I also love feeling the brush in my hand, stroking the canvas with pigments, I will never abandon that process completely. The computer allows my flurry thoughts to bring forth directness of intent, much more rapidly, capturing the moment.

I first realized that creating Art was embedded in the depths of my soul was when I was in the first grade, because I would arrive early to class just to fill the chalk board with my Art. I felt this was my way of observing the world and expressing my thoughts. I found Art to be my answer. Later on I attended San Francisco Academy of Art University, I studied and majored in Graphic Design, along with fine art classes.

I aspire for visual indulgence of the natural world, that motivates me to create and write, about the ordinary; that becomes extraordinary by the mere appreciation of it's raw beauty, of it's natural state.. With an intense stirring in my soul, I strive to be true to self. Fully embracing my true feelings of emotions, pure and uncensored..

As an artist, I feel deeply, and passionately, and like to reflect my emotions on to every creative aspect that I am a part of, for this is the fuel that drives me to create. When it comes to my art style, I want to think never say never and never say always. I want to say yes! To expanding my art style, and my words.

Artwork: Falling
& Poem

The wind blows, sound of sharp wisp of cold air goes by.
Dancing trees follow the wind, dignified, and grounded.
Vulnerable leaf, drifting, floating, landing, settling.
Falling, falling, gliding, swaying in the wind.
Hopeless drifter, drifting, beauty falling like a whisper.
Lullaby and fly, follow the breeze to transcend time.
Up with the wind, landing back with new start.
Waltz of colors mixing, fused with contrast light.
Swirls of blurred colors, to mesmerize the eye.
Up lifting the spirit, inviting the present descend.
Wind in my ear, spelling out secrets, to be.
Spoken heart, deep thoughts, casting sensation.
Awakening, creating a whirl wind of theatrics.
Drama stated, with brilliance, this golden show of flight.

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A painting is the record of what an artist feels inside of his or her heart. The recording of such feeling is named as ‘movement of the soul’, too. These paintings by Sylvia Pekarek are like such movements of the soul. Her visual images are bound to create a crowd of emotional responses among viewers.

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