Monday, January 25, 2010

Belinda James and the Art of Transforming Trash

"I started working with found objects ten years ago. It was an inexpensive way to obtain materials, but the discarded objects soon became sacred and a source of inspiration. My work comes from a constant and conscious watchfulness of the world around me. On my journey, on any given day, I pick up things that catch my eye. I collect urban detritus and natural objects which I incorporate into a collage, a sculpture, or jewelry. One of the reasons that I enjoy creating art from recycled and found objects is that it allows me to use anything and everything, old or new. The process of making my art is total play and intuitive.

My work can be found at the Old State House as part of a permanent exhibit called "History All Around Us". My work is also being shown at the Trash Museum, where you can tour 6,500 square feet of educational exhibits beginning at the Temple of Trash. I currently work as a Teaching Artist, inspiring middle school students to make art from recycled objects. Transforming trash is my way of playing a small role in becoming more aware of environmental issues."

Check out Belinda's FACEBOOK page for more info.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Visual Poetry Collaboration: GAZE

A visual poetry collaboration with photography by Aad de Gids, Alvis and Garner Higgins with music by Dee Sunshine and words by Dee Sunshine, Iain D. Kemp, Belinda Subraman, Linda Benninghoff, Dianne Borsenik, Catfish McDaris and Kyle Hemmings. Special thanks to Pamala Gaard for the portrait at the end. A Vergin Production.

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