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The Sunny Princess of Vegan Media

Sunny says:

I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Texas at El Paso and I've been a reporter at two Texas Newspapers (The El Paso Times and The Prospector). I also have a published book of humor columns entitled, Bunktoidal Skanktards and Mutard Poopsies (2007).

I also like to act, model, make my own jewelry, blog (especially about amazing vegan beauty products), read and paint . I have an affinity for the color purple and I love all things that glitter and sparkle. I also happen to be the biggest fan of vegan cupcakes!

I've been vegan since 2000 and I owe it all to my furry felines at home: Towane, Spirulina and Kaduki. The reason I'm vegan is because I love animals and would never want to contribute the pain and suffering of any living being. I love being part of The Vegan Vixens because I enjoy breaking the stereotype that all vegans are stinky, hairy earth babies. I want the world to know that you can be vegan and compassionate and still be girly, sexy, and trendy.

Being vegan is also effortless and fun. With all of the amazing vegan alternatives for meat, dairy, fur, silk and leather, there isn't any reason to not go vegan. By going vegan, you will save lives, you'll live longer, you'll have more energy, you'll lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, you'll reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, you'll fit into your old jeans, you'll have healthier skin, you'll save money (hey, tofu is cheap!), you'll help save the planet by reducing waste and air pollution and you'll earn good karma points!

Check out Sunny's Vegan Beauty Review.
She's also the blog coordinator for Peta2 and a Vegan Vixen.

The Music of Queenie

Kimberly Steele (also Queenie) is a horror author best known for writing and releasing the first free vampire audio novel on the internet, 2004's Forever Fifteen.

Kimberly is a half-Japanese, half-German adoptee who grew up in the Chicago area.

Visit her official website: http://queeniemusic.com

Friday, June 25, 2010

Photography by Chuck Taylor

Chuck writes:

Photography gets me out of my head and focusing on the world outside. It is also less full of ideas than writing is. I really dig shapes, colors, shadows, buildings, clouds, flowers, forests, lakes, and other people in moment of surprise and happiness.

I do like ideas. I tend to devour them like I imagine T. Rex devoured smaller animals, but like a former US representative said, "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got them." I'm an anti-intellectual intellectual. When I lived in El Paso, to detox from the stress of teaching, I would wander the neighborhoods taking pictures of the shadows cast by telephone and light poles. It was rather obsessive, I suppose.

I have stuck photography a long time, finding room somewhere everywhere I've lived for a BW darkroom.. I enjoy seeing my photography in literary magazines, and selling them at book fairs. I still like writing. My last book of poems remains Li Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon, published by Pecan Grove Press. I continue to teach creative writing at Texas A&M where I have now worked twenty-one years. I have three children; Will, James, and Lisa; and three former stepchildren: Morgan, Chico, and Brook.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Richard J O'Callaghan and Shaindel Beers video poetry collaborations

'Sometimes' from richard ocallaghan on Vimeo.

Sometimes the airplanes resemble planes;sometimes they congeal in the distance, like ticks stuck to the page. Always, the upside down people are dead. Always, there is a mother screaming.

Clean What no one understands is that it feels like you have swallowed your guardian angel. She is beautiful and blue-eyed and is swimming through your veins, massaging the nuclei of your every cell. She knows all those little tricks not even a lover knows—how to play your favorite aria in your heart, how to make your brain thrum the chords of Dvorak or Ravel. The more you want her, the more she drifts just out of reach. And now, everyone is asking you to stop needing her, telling you she is just an illusion, but she is more real than anything you have ever felt before. She is the center of a daffodil just opening, the light splintered through an ice covered branch, everything that reminds us we want to live through the winter. And everyone wants you to never call on her again. You can give up this angel, little girl.There will be others. None so sweet but many less cruel. You will want to die, but you wont. While she is in your head, you are not your own. The Dvorak is discordant and the Ravel will crescendo forever, but you wont know it. You wont know until years after she is gone how close this dark angel came to flying you away forever. --Shaindel Beers

The Art of Richard Cronborg

Richard writes:

As a self-taught artist... I search for universal themes which evoke specific emotions from the viewer... I am interested mainly in sexuality and mortality in my narratives. I look for the souls of individuals in my work, and try to represent them on the canvas. I paint drunks, fairy godmothers, prostitutes and invented scenarios which are drawn from observing everyday life. I paint in color and black and white. I draw greatly from mysticism, religion, pornography, anthropology, philosophy, psychology and I am influenced greatly by German expressionism, pop art and Deco. I enjoy using symbols to evoke emotions in my work. I believe in Jungian collective unconscious and try to infuse my work with symbols that the viewer can relate in a variety of ways to understand the story that I am trying to illustrate. I believe that I am a "modern day shaman" whose main responsibility is to become a vehicle for an energy greater than myself. I sometimes feel like an "idiot savant", and paint intuitively rather than strategically. I research images, do preliminary prototypes and agonize over composition and color, but once the brush is in my hand, all prior planning may go by the wayside. Painting allows me to exorcise personal demons and search for "who I am". If there is one thing I have learned since starting this artistic journey, it is that I feel: "we all die confused".

Visit his website: http://www.cronborgart.com/

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Poems by Catfish McDaris

Ask Nicely Quasimodo

While sight seeing in
Notre Dame Cathedral
I wore a baseball cap

A Frenchman jabbed
a finger hard in my back

I grabbed his fingers
& bent them until
he was on his knees

He hissed, you have to
remove your cap & I did
& replied

You should pray while
you're down there.

Parisian Art Is Everywhere

After touring the Spaniard,
Picasso's museum in Paris

I noticed a well dressed
woman & her dainty dog

We had left simultaneously
the dog started defecating

The crowd walking behind
tried to avoid the mess

The tiny pooch kept painting
the sidewalk, the lady was
dragging the poor animal

After six blocks of steaming
slime I started seeing Pablo's
work, the damn dog was
an artist.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fine Art by Peggy Guichu

Peggy Guichu:

I've been painting for more than half of my life. Prior to that music was my choice of expression. But when I did pick up my first brush I was hooked. I fell in love with watercolors and sold my very first paintings right out of the framer's shop. That encouraged me and pushed me onward.

I spent the next 10 years painting and selling at art shows and galleries throughout the northwest United States. In the late 1980's I started Sierra Artist's Association in Reno, NV. In the early 90's I opened up "Two Sisters Gallery" in Reno, NV. It was a working gallery where I had so many wonderful artists and teachers. We taught everything from paper making to advanced oil painting. It was in my gallery that I was introduced to oils.

Saying that I’m a self-taught artist seems diluted and an incorrect statement. Not having a degree in art does not reflect the hours I have studied and been taught by the masters, read from great scholars on art history or instructed by more experienced artists on the uses and applications of all the mediums. Nor does it reflect the tuition I have paid for this education. I would say being self-taught for me has meant the same as home teaching my youngest son. Being self-motivated and having the ability to self-educate oneself certainly holds water for those of us who do poorly in a classroom environment.
What I do stand on is being authentic. I've always felt that it was cheating to use other artist's techniques. Correct or not I need to be authentic. My work is now in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and China.

How does my art affect you? Does it make you smile or raise your blood pressure? Does it make you happy or sad? That's what painting is about for me. I love to pick out a canvas and just let it happen. No preconceived ideas. I just put some color on the canvas and keep going. I can tell you the exact paint stroke I did that started "Red Mountain". Many times when I've finished a painting, I find the real painting when I turn it upside down. That seems to reflect life, don't you think?

Have I won awards? Yes. Is it important? Maybe. It gives me a boost of confidence, kicks in my competitive side and it's always a compliment, but as an artist I would have to say no. The only thing that is important to me is painting, creating, working, escaping into that other realm and expressing me at that moment. To me it's my own theatre, where I can write my own plays and listen to the music that explodes from a finished piece.

I want my art to make you feel something. No, the truth is that I want you to know me. Art is the only universal language. I have something to say and I want you to listen. Hear my joy, my pain, my confusion, my who or whatever I am at that moment. Each is a self portrait of me.


Crossing the borders of realism into abstract fantasy, artist Peggy Guichu renders not only an original work with each new piece, but creates in new dimensions not yet stylized within her other worldly creations combining the spiritual, emotional, and universal languages creating her own visual dialect in the abstract realm unique to all others. The hand of a master and genius combined in one - a rare treat to witness.

Denise Williams
Art Director
Santa Fe ArtWorld

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drive by Andrew McCallum

Drive! by Andrew McCallum Crawford
Skepdek Publishing, Greece, 2010
ISBN 978-960-99296-0-8
Available on Amazon

Terry has everything. He's young, rich and handsome, and has the build of a champion athlete. Of course, he's also a hit with the ladies.Perhaps it's no surprise that his father wants to destroy him.Terry has to escape. Should he run away and become an actor, or should he go for rock superstardom with Drive!? Surely he's not serious about flying helicopters? He'd better make up his mind. Time is running out. "Calvinist intolerance meets 1980s pub rock meets the quest for the bottom line. With Drive!, Andrew McCallum Crawford plays a stormer!"

Andrew McCallum Crawford was born in 1965. He grew up in Grangemouth, an industrial town in East Central Scotland. He graduated from Edinburgh University in 1989 and went on to take a teaching qualification at Jordanhill College, Glasgow.
Andrew was the co-founder and editor of the literary magazine Junk Junction. His work has appeared in Lines Review and the Athens News. He lives in Greece.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sense and Sensuality by Sarojini Sahoo

Sense and Sensuality is a blog from a South Asian Feminist Writer.

Sarojini Sahoo has been enlisted among 25 exceptional women of India by the Kindle magazine of Kolkata, in its March 2010 Issue ( can bee seen at http://www.scribd.com/doc/27460652/Kindle-Small-Book-56-Pages-240210.) A distinguished bilingual South Asian feminist writer, and an associate editor , a feature oriented English journal Indian AGE, she has been conferred with the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award, 1993, the Jhankar Award, 1992, the Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award and the Prajatantra Award. She is also in the advisory board of Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literature; published from the English Department of Newman College, Thodupuzah, Kerala. In English ,one novel and two anthologies of short stories have been published to her credit so far . Bengali translation of two of her novels have been published from Bangladesh and in Oriya ,there are eight short stories collections and eight novels in published form to her credit. She is also a known blogger for her ideas in feminism and has gained world wide fame. Her Blogs are SENSE & SENSUALITY, FEMININE-FRAGRANCE and INDIA.

John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future by Matthew Glen Ward

What does a middle-aged Australian man know about John F. Kennedy, his Camelot years, the Democrats, Republicans, the Addams Family, and American Gothic? Only what he read about, or watched on TV - and that was a lot! Matthew Glenn Ward always had a fantasy about saving Jack Kennedy's life and now with this book he has his chance - and you the reader can come along for the ride. 'John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future!' is a collection of short, mostly satirical stories that take real life, and twist it 'til it leaks 'funny'. We have JFK as time traveler, Elizabethan poet John Donne as serial killer, a ghoul shotgun wedding, an unemployed cat, rivers getting married, old men taking revenge on young hoods, cheapskate heart attack victims, chocolate iPhones, plenty of booze, some drugs, gambling, stories that just make no sense plotwise, and a bit of love too. Influenced by such great writers as Jack Kerouac, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Monty Python and The Goons, 'John F. Kennedy Lives in the Future!' is a book by an Australian that Americans will devour.

Matt Ward is also a Website designer / graphic artist and owner of: Mockfrog Design.
He is the publisher / editor / designer of Mary Celeste Press, and Skive Magazine Press
His previous books include
Cats Creep the Fire to Art (poetry, 2008)
Her Mouth Looks Like a Cat's Bum (short stories, 2006)
Jake With a Snarly Smile on His Chops (novella, 2004

Matthew Glen Ward lives in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
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