Friday, September 17, 2010

SENSATIONS: Facebook Video Art Project

Artists and Photographers

Mounir al Chami….lives in Damascus, Syria.

E.L. Freifeld……Born in Manhattan - international poet, artist, photographer, 14 books published, translated into 8 languages - now lives in Tel Aviv.

Pamela Gaard….is a painter/sculptor whose work is influenced by an alchemy of fears, fantasies, dreams and obsessions as she examines the anxieties and exigencies of her everyday in Minneapolis, MN.

Vince Gotera… is a Filipino American poet and writer ... editor of the North American Review. Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Jaime Herrera… a violinist and expressionist painter in acrylics from El Paso, Texas.

Songtsen Hollander… an artist in Albany, NY. Check his website.

Claude Limoges…..Claude Limoges is a team of two: a writer (Claudette Cohen) and a visual artist (Robert Limoges) living in Cape Fear.

Hector Milia
… an artist currently living and working in Miami Florida.

Shelia Murphy….lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her most recent book publication: Toccatas in the Key of D (Blue Lion Books, 2010).

Tendair Mwanaka…..South African poet. A book of poems on Zimbabwe and exile in South Africa, VOICES FROM EXILE, will be published in August 2010 by Lapwing poetry, Northern Ireland. For more check his blogs at and on his facebook site.

Rochishnu Sanyal…is an artist in Howrah, India.

Ae Reiff….Phoenix, Arizona….AZ wrote Encouragements for Such as Shall Have Intention to be Undertakers in the Planting.

T.R. Thorn….. lives, writes and photo-arts in the clutter of her teenage daughters, sparkly baubles, fleur de lis and zombie costumes...

Cheryl A. Townsend
…..has many nudist friends in NE Ohio.

Wendy Webb…..(Norfolk, UK) is editor of Tips for Writers, award-winning poet, publisher and has devised new poetry forms, including the Davidian.

A.D. Winans
….. is a native San Francisco. California poet, writer and photographer.

Music by Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste.

Words and vocals by Belinda Subraman.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

When You Come Again, You Will Never Go

We at Unlikely 2.0 are proud to (finally!) present the winner of the First Annual WRITE REAL GOOD Poetry Chapbook Contest: Andreas Morgner's manuscript, When You Come Again, You Will Never Go. The contest ran through the latter half of 2009, and was judged by Michael Harold, Anne McMillen, and Belinda Subraman, who were assisted by Violetta Tarpinain and Lisa Renée Vincent. It's a long manuscript—its twenty-three poems are detailed and complex—and in the process of forming it into a book, we found it appropriate to include a number of journalistic photographs, especially from Ed Kashi.

Andreas spent twenty years in the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2001, he decided to seek a more active career path and got a job with the U.S. Department of the Treasury investigating African war crimes as well as drugs and arms smuggling. In 2008, Treasury assigned him to U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), a military headquarters based in Stuttgart, Germany. While he spends much of his time at AFRICOM, he travels frequently to Africa as well as back to his home near Washington, D.C.

The emotional intensity of his work, and the distance between his work and the average American's understanding of it, should be clear without any of the feeble descriptions we could offer. Andreas is erudite, intelligent, and passionate, so when he describes these issues, he writes poems. He writes poems that bear little resemblance to the bulk of American contemporary poetry; shocking and disorienting pieces that could never come from lives as comfortable as ours.

When You Come Again, You Will Never Go
is exactly what a publisher hopes for when we run a contest. Although talented and clever, Andreas Morgner will never get a Creative Writing job, nor will he sit around literary conferences hoping to find an agent to schmooze. He is an "outsider artist" in a way an "underground writer" can never be; his work gives us a set of experiences and insights that simply can't be found through the poetry world's normal networking structure.

This was a difficult book to publish and a painful book to read. We know that you'll find it as uncomfortable as we do. And we believe that, upon reading it, you'll be as grateful as we are to have shared some of Andreas' discomfort and insight—to experience some of the benefits of his hard-won poetic education.

When You Come Again, You Will Never
go contains twenty-three poems by Andreas Morgner and eight photographs from Ed Kashi, Julien Harneis, MSGT Rose Reynolds, Amnesty International and the international Peace Information Service, and several unknown photographers.


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