Friday, February 4, 2011

Abyss of the Moon by R.H Peat, reviewed by BL Kennedy

Abyss of the Moon

R.H Peat
Xlibris Corportion
ISBN: 978-1-4535-2929-4

Her Fields at Night

If he were the dark sky tonight
the shadows of his open heart
would lay across the earth.

R.H. Peat is a poet who lives in Northern California. He has been writing since 1961, published in the United States, New Zealand, India, and Japan.

Okay. That is all you need to know about the poet who I first encountered when he went by the name Ron Peat. Where this R.H. stuff comes from, I have no idea; I have no fucking idea what it is with contemporary poets wanting to use initials. It seems to be the latest trend.

The Abyss of the Moon is billed as being a voyage through the timeless oceans of age. Isn’t that what all poets write about, getting old and dying? Oh, I’m sorry, there’s the young arrogant school of poets who have yet to understand that we grow old and die. In between, we have the meshugga journey, this voyage that some of us will see as heroic, and some of us as daring. It’ll be a journey of intimacy, compassion, and shared lunacy.

This is what is cool Ron Peat, or R.H. Peat. His poems are truthful. He doesn’t pull his punches, he just says what he says and it comes from the heart. Like when you walk outside and it’s a perfectly beautiful day, and then your hat gets blown off by a gust of wind. This is Ron Peat, a poet who does not fear in talking of love gained and love lost, who does not fear in writing about starting over, because it’s all about that becoming of reality

Do I recommend The Abyss of the Moon? Of course I do. I happen to like R.H. Peat’s work. I think the poet has some vision. I think he has some clarity of voice and does not mince his words. So, although I feel the poems enclosed in this 90 pg collection are far from perfect, I will say this: they do not leave a blemish on the page. I cannot say that for a lot of the poetry I encounter, for Ron Peat’s work is continually growing, and each poem reflects that growth, and blossoms with his wealth of language.

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ron said...

Thanx "BL" for the commentary on the book. I did enjoy it.
a poet friend//RH

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