Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friendship by Tom Kryss, reviewed by BL Kennedy

Tom Kryss
Kamini Press
Ringvagen 8, 4th floor
SE-117 26 Stockholm

I open the blinds in the evening, turn the key in the apartment door and leave with every confidence that my friend will return to relieve me of these duties I would hardly assume for just anyone.

This is not so much a book as it is a poem; one poem. A New Year’s Greeting from Kamini Press, the press which has some classic material that I have highly reviewed in the past. Kamini Press produces only things of beauty.

The Poem “Friendship” is by the legendary Tom Kryss. Kryss, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio is also the author of a selected collection of his poems and art titled The Search for the Reason Why which was produced by Bottom Dog press in 2006. He was also an active member of the Mimeograph Revolution with the late d.a. levy, and who, along with poets rjs, Kent Taylor, D.R. Wagner, and Geoff Cook, produced some of the finest poetry to come out of the mid to late sixties. But it was Tom Kryss who always had his finger on the pulse of what poetry was. This little poem “Friendship” is simply a wonderful example of the poet, his voice, his vision. If you can manage to secure a copy from Kamini press, I would do so as soon as possible. Nuff Said. Get off your ass now and find it.

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Shafiaq hasan Raju said...

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I still remember those lines from my MA drivers manual which say something like,friendship bands
when you are pulled over, you can not tell the officer that others were going faster than that.

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