Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journal of Experimental Fiction, reviewed by BL Kennedy

Journal of Experimental Fiction
Hugh Moore by Eckhard Gerdes

197 pgs
ISBN: 978-0-9846-0-3763

A carny barker on the dais attracts a few people with his cries. “Here! Come here, sir. Step right up and try this amazing formula, this fantastic elixir! It’s guaranteed to cure what ails you. You can brush your teeth with it, shine your shoes with it, wax your car with it. It’ll remove the tarnish from your silverware. It’ll lead the old to the fountain of youth, it’ll give wisdom to the young. It’ll cure quarrels between lovers and introduce new lovers to each other.

“You, sir! You, madam! Look at each other. Get to know one another. See? This elixir has already made you friends. And you haven’t even tasted it yet.”

Use it only in well ventilated areas and avoid prolonged usage. Administer carefully. If no change in condition after ten days, consult your physician.

Hugh Moore is a very cool and tightly written 197 page novel that makes me wonder “What the hell is going on with this publishing house? What the hell is going on over there at the Journal of Experimental Fiction?” Not only are they cutting edge, but they are turning out some of the best collections of literature I have been exposed to in the past year. I have nothing but high praise for this publisher and its authors.

Hugh Moore by Eckhard Gerdes is, if anything, a fantastic example of this publisher’s output. It’s kind of strange to talk about an author’s work as if you know the author when you’ve never met them, and you really only know them through the work they’ve produced. It’s like being in a long conversation on Morse Code at the Core of somebody else’s heart which is telepathically in communication with your soul. The author Eckhard Gerdes reminds me so much of anti novels of the legendary Kenneth Patchen. This is frightening because this critic a hardcore believer that Kenneth Patchen is hands down one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century. No, I take that back: I am sure of it, and I’m still sure of it. But this is just too close a call. To have Eckhard Gerdes book just mysteriously appear in the mail with the other publications from the Journal of Experimental Fiction is just too damn uncanny. Can I recommend this? Hey, if you can locate the man’s work. Just buy it.

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egerdes said...

I agree with you about Patchen--a huge influence on me. I did my master's thesis on Sleepers Awake. Thank you for the wonderful review! You are the reader the book was written for.

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