Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild as in Familiar by Ellarine Lockie, reviewed by BL Kennedy

Wild as in Familiar
Ellarine Lockie
Finishing Line Press
29 pgs
ISBN: 1-59924-886-7

Found Poem

In the distant squawk of seagulls
The ocean sucks you in
On this woodland walk
The wind whispers your name
By the pink clover blossoms
A bee promiscuous in public
The sun’s copper shine on a penny
The year we met
A tree struck by lightning
Dark and split before me
Fear in a deer’s eyes
Yet you didn’t run
Broken green glass
Your fetish for sharp edges
Shards stilled and embedded by foot traffic
Tin tastes of blood running down a thigh
Moss swelling between rocks
Postage stamp lick in a damp place
Red breast in a robin
Scarlet silk untethered
An empty Marlboro pack crushed
A dead wasp in my windowsill.

Wild as in Familiar is conceivably Ellaraine Lockie’s best collection, and I need to clarify that when I say best collection, I am simply talking about the collections that I have read by this talented poet. At twenty six plus pages, the chapbook is a handsome edition to any poetry lover’s library.

I find of these poems to be explosive and charming; a considerable accomplishment, for here, the poet Lockie addresses both childhood memories and nightmares. In fact, I can say there is almost non-human, spooky quality that both haunt and comfort in this collection of poetry.

The poet takes us on a journey wild and familiar and seems almost like a grounded Steven King. I really like this book, and as a poet, I’m very fond of Ellaraine Lockie, for I do not know of many poets who can take such natural images as earthworms, rosebushes, crows and hummingbirds and turn them into a lyrical reflection that readers will embrace. Purchase this collection.

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