Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Presenting the multi-talented, Crystal Lane Swift

It was recently brought to my attention the wonders of an actress/filmmaker/singer/poet living in Hollywood, named Crystal Lane Swift. Here is a trailer from her movie, IT'S NEVER ABOUT A BOY:

Here is her demo reel on YouTube:

When I asked her to write a little bio this is what she said:

I have always loved the beginnings of things. Perhaps because I am always good at things at the beginning. I think I was a happy child. I remember enjoying life, really believing that something awe-inspiring was just ahead. I remember rocks, and plants, and blue sky being inspiring. I remember talking to Jesus without asking for anything for myself. Memory is reconstructive and therefore imperfect, like me. Perhaps I’m fusing experiences. The pictures used to be so crisp and organized. Now the files are frayed around the edges. A fog is sneaking in. I remember a perfected version of yesterday, of home, that I have since been struggling to get back to. A yesterday that, perhaps never really was.

I cannot and will not separate all of the integrated pieces of myself. I have been arguing through performance as long as I can remember. I wouldn't have always put it that way, but it turns out that is my passion. I live a cliché subjectivity—a fragmented standpoint—I embody the integration of a performative contradiction. I am, equal parts of the competing sides of a paradox. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I took a long academic journey before embarking on my creative journey. I tend to be the most conservative voice in both my creative and academic circles. My lived experience in the academic communicative field has prepared me to receive opposing voices as complimentary, and to provide motivation for the silent to speak. These perspectives lead me to feel comfortable in most any setting, and it helps that I am surrounded by creative, profoundly helpful people like my acting coach, Mark McPherson, my music producer, Tito Castro, my best friend, actress Elba Soto-Quinones, and of course my boyfriend, poet Rich Ferguson. As I told him just yesterday: Our dreams are already here. We just have to live them.

Crystal Lane Swift, PhD
Professor of Communication
Co Director of Forensics
Mount San Antonio College


Rich Ferguson said...
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Rich Ferguson said...

Wonderful work, CLS! Shine on, shine on!

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