Monday, June 18, 2012

The Lost Work of Stephen King by Stephen J. Spignesi, reviewed by BL Kennedy

The Lost Work of Stephen King
Stephen J. Spignesi
Citadel Press Books
New York, NY
361 pgs.
ISBN: 0-8065-2390-5

Okay, so the Stephen King works discussed in this book are not really lost. After all, I found them right?

This was my drool book, because as anyone who knows me is well aware, I am a Stephen King junkie. Yeah. I even get other poets to read Stephen King, a recent conquest being the poet Anne Menebroker reading King’s latest thrilling book about time travel and JFK. And over the years I have amassed King Library. I mean, yeah I won’t have the money for the limited editions, but what the hell? You can’t have everything.

But now I hold in my hands a reference guide to the master’s rarest writings The Lost Work of Stephen King written by Stephen Spignesi, and its like having an orgasm while you sit in an orange chair. You see, here’s the thing; those same people who know me and know I am a Stephen King junkie also know that I love books about obscure facts. And this book is full of them. I mean, we have everything here from King’s 1956 classic Jonathan and the Witches to the recent The Wait is Over, which was written in 2000. I simply love this book. And you will also love it. And if you are any kind of the bibliophile then, you will embrace this book with passion. So if you like Stephen King  and you believe like he believes that ideas come and have to be let out, then you are going to relish in your purchase for a mere sixteen dollars and ninety five cents, you can read stories like Pinfall: A Unfilmed Segment of the Creepshow II Screenplay, and self published like The Plant and Six Stories, both curiosities only released in private editions. So yeah, go out and buy this book.

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