Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS by John Dorsey, reviewed by BL Kennedy


White Girl Problems

John Dorsey
Night Ballet Press
Elyria, Ohio

One Thousand Dead Abbie Hoffmans


 I will remember you this way:

bong in hand
inhaling the fears of a thousand dead revolutionaries

 in the Sacramento sun
where Abbie Hoffman became a rosary

What can I say?

You knew mambo when you saw it

Knew dreams by the way
They kissed your skin
For a taste of freedom. 

This is the new chapbook by John Dorsey. I like Dorsey’s poetry, but there is one major problem. Having recently seen the poet read from this book at Luna’s Café in Sacramento, California, I cannot get the experience out of my head. Dorsey’s reading voice tends to linger in one’s psyche. I simply cannot read these poems without the experience of hearing the boom of his voice. With that said, I highly recommend you purchase a copy of this book. As you read these poems, you constantly have the sense of the living voice of the poet.

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Dianne Borsenik said...

Thank you so much for your review of White Girl Problems by John Dorsey, published by NightBallet Press. You may obtain a copy from poet John Dorsey, or directly from the Press through PayPal at, or purchase it on

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