Monday, December 31, 2012

Cadillac Men by Rebecca Schumejda, reviewed by BL Kennedy

Cadillac Men
Rebecca Schumejda
NY Books
New York, NY
151 pgs
ISBN: 978-1-93550-68-9 \

The Storm Turns

The storm turns, the way a man does
 when his wife loses faith in him.

The Butcher and Dee play one pocket
 on a table with felt that is as worn out
 as their hearts. The slate, and their mistakes
 peek out, redirected balls, traveling through.

Lately my fears solidify ,a hailstorm
of insults that shift to a warmth of regret.

 The Butcher’s up forty points
and three decades of disappointments, and Dee gambles in his shadow,
walks his walk, talks his talk.

 By default Dee’s married to the rain,
 a furious wife, beating down
 on her husband’s concrete shoulders.

What can I say about Rebecca Schumejda, other than, here is one hell of a writer. Cadillac Men is one hell of a fine book. There aren’t enough words in my mind to tell you just how good and engaging the poetry in this book is. Rebecca Schumejda is hands down a writer’s writer, and one of my favorite New York city poets.

You just have to take the poems in this book as if they were individual acts of grace and beauty. This is some fine writing, and the poems  in this collection do indeed come at a price. They will put a stranglehold on your psyche. They will creep beneath your skin, and swell up as flowers of beauty.

At the price of $16.95, you cannot go wrong by immediately purchasing a copy of Cadillac Men. All 151 pages of this volume are well crafted, each line develops a life of its own, and aims dead on at your third eye. To put it nicely, this is one great book. An intoxicating, bewitching, powerful collection of poetry. Buy it. Read it. Love it.

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