Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi, my name is Cristi. I'm the leader of the band Fanfara-Transilvania. We interpret music both vocally and instrumentally, from Romania in the Transylvania region and Moldova region.  Our band consists of brothers and cousins.  We continue the traditional music from our parents and grandparents. We have held concerts in countries including Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Greece, France. We use all wind instruments and drums.  The music we play includes Romanian folklore, traditional gypsy and Balkan. We have appeared on national television in Romania, in Greece and on RADIO BLUE FRANCE.  We have performed in clubs (DIESEL, EL GATO NEGRO, PUB 13, UNIT, THE NOTES, BAMBOO), at movie festivals (TIFF CLUJ, Astra Film Festival Sibiu, Letniej Akademii Filmowej w Zwierzyńcu), in jazz festivals (PETRAS JAZZ FESTIVAL,JAZZ FESTIVAL TG-MURES, mondia),and at folklore festivals in Europe.

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